Thursday Tips and Tricks

I apologize for my scatter brain as I was trying to recall all the questions and topics from memory as the Dynamic Duo were invading. You can hear and see them in action…so if nothing else…this video is at least entertaining!

Again any questions regarding taxes, mortgages, you name it….I hope to vlog an answer for you. We can also explore the dark world of organizing! Yes…my OCD tendencies would LOVE to vlog about organizing and how to get organized. Let me know. Or heck…we can just vlog about whatever! Send me your questions and again be sure to fill out the form for the Featurette Friday! Registered & Protected

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  1. That is very good to know because I've been wondering about the giveaways I've been winning-The biggest thing I've one was about $200.
    Now is that $500 restricted to individual items or everything combined?

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