All for One and Public Health for All

Over a year has passed now that our family has had a lack in full time health care coverage. No biggie right? For some yes, for us, we are getting by. I am blessed each and every day that my children are happy “little fuckers” as my son would say and that we are not cursed by tragedy. Knocking on wood.

Last year in February was the last time the twins saw a doctor for their well child check ups. They would have seen a doc last summer had I not called the insurance company to find out whether we needed pre-authorization for Chad’s vasectomy only to find that our policy termed (cancelled by his employer) just two weeks prior.

Spank you. Spank you very much.

So I freaked out. Like any undiagnosed OCD control freak would do, I stewed. I Google’d. I stewed some more. Then I went to the Arizona DES site to look to see if by some far and I do mean FAR FUCKING fetched idea that we would qualify for discounted healthcare coverage. Because as you may or may not know we were railroaded right up the arse, with no lube, on a private care option to which they told us “No Spank you” because I have fake tata’s and The Chad had high blood pressure ONE day that he went to the doctor. BUT, that is a whole rant that I have posted about.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, to see if I qualify like all the other free loaders of the nation (right Left Wing whackadoodles!?). Sad, I do not. So what is a family to do with children who need immunizations since we so choose not to have our children infected with nasty illnesses which can cause irreparable damage or death. Stepping down from the box. What are we to do? Other than go a full year with no recent immunizations and all of the sudden remember that in order for the kids to attend preschool, they need UPDATED immunization records.

I conferred with my friend Google again and he sent me to a community site driven for people like me. And people like you. And all people.

I was so happy to see that a day (several actually) existed for a FREE clinic to take my children to so they may receive updated immunizations and vaccinations. WAHOO. Because really I am not going to pay some pompous ass physician who will charge me $80 per child just to walk in the fucking door and then charge me for the vaccinations on top of that which they charge $68 each. GET THE HELL OUT OF TOWN. Free is for me.

So I took my perky blond self and toted the twins to my old stomping ground in Chandler where I drove around my old neighborhood, reminisced, and thought…man…I am so glad we moved out of what is now the ghetto. Anyway, I arrived at the clinic and went in, to what appeared to be a ghost town and was greeted by a lovely woman who was ever so kind. She informed me of the pertinent information and that the vaccinations were available at two that afternoon.

A bit peeved that I drove ALL THE WAY down to the ghetto, but thankful nonetheless for community services. I was then greeted by another woman who then reiterated what the other woman just told me…again…ever so kind.

Until I saw that bitch later that afternoon.

I show up at two that afternoon with two cranky, over shopped, sleep lacking twins into a clinic that was now standing room only. Woman #2 who was kind earlier…now can suck a donkey ear. She looked at me, might as well have been smacking gum in her pie hole as we exchange words:

Her: “Can I help you?” (Tone clearly reeks of what the fuck do you want free loader)

Me: “I was here this morning about the vaccinations?” (are you really THAT busy that you cannot recall me from just FOUR hours ago)

Her: Huff “Fill these out. Bring them to ME. Fill in these bands, put them on the kids, make sure it has their date of birth….have a seat.”

Me: grabs load of papers and looks aimlessly for a pen as I try to recall whether I have stuffed any in my bag. I look over at  a table that has a couple for another health thingy and ask if I can borrow to which I receive this reply.

Her: “HERE….here is a pen.”

Me: “Thank you.”

I survey the what looks to be a small community room that they have converted into a make shift clinic for an ample area to rest my arse and my dynamically grouchy duo. I look around to see only a single chair open and think, um no…cannot corral nor wrangle gnomes with a single chair in the middle of cattle. So I opt for the cozy square on the linoleum floor where I squat Indian style with a gnome on each knee. Then SHE starts in again.

Her: “There is an EMPTY CHAIR up there. You can sit in it.”

Me: looking at her like she is a complete idjut…oh wait…she is…”Apparently the chair is taken and the floor will suffice for now. Thank you.”

Her: “Well…don’t trip anyone or let them trip on you.”


Seriously? Okay lady, yes my goal here as the ONLY BLOND in a red shirt in a room full of people will make every effort to trip people as I sit off in a CORNER! The nerve. Really? “don’t trip anyone?” You know me…master tripper. Shit I never tripped on anything but my own feet, let alone trip anyone else. Bitch.

I stew, filling out paperwork, entertaining gnomes and then return the clipboard, paperwork, and pen to HER. She snags the pen as if I were to steal it…which I should have to prove a fucking point, thank her kindly for using it and then she never makes eye contact. Only speaks to me as if I were a third rate human being, to sit and wait until my name is called shortly.

So I sat. FOR. TWO. HOURS.

Until  finally the sharp looking men in casual attire, shorts, t-shirts, and winning smiles called me into the locked room. Sounds frisky right? Nah, just your local firemen doing their community service, serving the public, like me, to insure adequate and up to date vaccinations. I could really get raunchy and say they tag teamed me…but they did in a fashion with needles into my children’s little arms. I even started to cry. I hate seeing them in pain.

But I left thinking I should have captured the moment in the waiting room on my phone. A Hodge-podge of people, some clearly needy, others in my predicament of tight budgets and no health insurance, and others who I wondered what they were doing with their Coach handbags, kids wearing $110 Nike Dunks, texting from the apparently NEWEST of new smart-phones. Granted I could be considered the same…you know with my Goodwill bought cords, a t-shirt that says VIVA Elvis on it that The Chad bought for me while he was in Memphis, my favorite Jambu shoes, and my Palm Pre Plus. All of which cost me $30 plus whatever the feds charge me on this years coming taxes.

But still. I am always curious about people’s stories of life, how we all end up in the same room with the same needs at the same time. Especially since we are all there for our children. Are our paths the same? Was I viewed as a free-loader? What is really sad, is that we look at people who are in rough times and reach out for these services during these rough times because that is what they were created for, and we call them free loaders. Well what the hell else other than the federal deficit do my taxes go for?

I am ever so grateful today for the Chandler CARE Center, the staff (even if they were less than desirable in their customer service skills), the nursing staff from Chandler Regional Hospitals, the firefighters, and the volunteers. Without your dedication, my children would not be vaccinated nor would the eight children before and the many after mine. Thank you.

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  1. I could write for days on this one Karie- and did and backspaced it out ! Just couldnt put it down in words. You wrote an excellent example of your experience there and what you saw.
    I volunteer at a food site, and hope no one ever feels slighted nor less than human when they leave. They may make 10x my income, or be poor as a churchmouse, but for whatever reason they are there and deserve respect.

    1. What is sad Ellen is that the volunteers, the firefighters, the nurses, everyone else BUT that one woman were friendly, smiling, nice, despite the fact that a bunch of people were there for the same reason and it was warm, uncomfortable but everyone was courteous BUT that one woman. I find it sad, that no matter our circumstances, as you said, we all deserve respect. Love ya woman!

  2. First. I have to say…I like the new layout! Very schnazzy. Second, I am bad. The boys are due their shots. Have I taken them. No. Why? When I went the stupid accountant couldn’t wait till after the appointment I had made, drove to, and sat for 30 minutes to be told, that the doctor could not see them unless I forked over another $20 that Donnie so kindly snagged out of my purse. Wanted me to try to find an ATM right then, and pay right then. Which would have been understandable if they had to hunt me down to get their money, which they never have. If it hadn’t been pouring rain outside and I was parked next to the door, but it was and I was on the far end of the lot thanks to over booking the patients again. So now I am looking for a new pediatrician.

    And finally, the woman was a biatch to you, but who knows what kind of news she got right before you walked in. Maybe she got fired? For being a biatch? At least it is over and done with and the experience is over and done with. It bugs me that ya’ll don’t qualify for anything. Not right. Not right at all. BTW- I’m sending you some lube, cuz I am tired of hearing you complain about being out! LOL Hugs!

    1. Pediatricians that over book like that I believe are totally money hungry and could care less about patient care. I find docs that I can get in THE SAME day if I need to. Good docs are hard to come by these days that is for sure.

      As for the rude woman…I could care less if she just was told her husband was leaving her….not my problem, I didn’t treat her poorly and I would expect her to treat me the same. I know I was having a bad day too….but I didn’t snap at her. I agree though…glad the ordeal was done and over with and I have a new appreciation. Oh I would love some lube too lover! LOL

  3. Hey Dood – I called Chandler Home for 3 days I’ll have you know…Ghetto? Really? I wouldn’t have thought…?

    Anyway, good post – very intriguing since I live in Canada. While our care is *free* {I air quote this as we pay out our asses in taxes, so technically it is NOT free}, our wait time is terrible and service can be similar to the ‘tender-hearted-feline’ you experienced.
    Wait time for us is god-awful since it’s *free* and people see the doctor for papercuts…abusers of the system. You can sit in the waiting room of a hospital bleeding your guts out for 8 hrs…
    anyway..enough of my rambling – just wanted to say great post.
    I feel your pain trying to tackle that day, we Mom’s need much more credit than we get.
    1 woman + Twins & 1 chair – this pisses me off!!
    I would have tripped her!!


    1. HA HA, yes but Chandler is HUGE! Nice places and ghetto places. You know I could handle the wait if our health care system were setup like yours. But the problem here is that they treat you like garbage and not as a person. I know that they get busy, but no one deserves disrespect unless they asked for it.

  4. This reminds me of my trip to have a female exam …Since mr. Sucks left me for a fat bar skank in 2007 I have had not insurance and so I needed to have my female inspection so I went on college day at a local place here because I was taking on line classes I had a student ID …what a freaking nightmare…. 4 hours later I left and I figure I will just die before I do that again Sorry it sucked =(

    1. Oh woman I totally feel for you. I need my girly check up and needless to say….my damn uterus could fall out right now before I find a clinic. I even went to check with Planned Parenthood….never even spoke to a human, I hung up after 30 minutes on hold. OY

  5. You silly girl, the Health Office(?) does them for free M-Sat. And by nurses or P.A’s or something or rather. That’s where I’ve gotten the two little ones done at. Heck I’m really not sure what the place is called now. But it’s on Idaho..wait no…Um…it’s in AJ. Yeah on Idaho. It’s the WIC office. Super friendly awesome people, never busy and the hours are 8-6 🙂

    1. You silly nerd….you told me it was the health department site had all the info. 😉 No but I checked the health department site and they had places all over the valley at odd days and times. See…this is why we are suppose to stick together. 😉

  6. It’s interesting to see peoples stories because it always makes us realize how alike we are in our need.

    It’s hard for me to judge because I’ve been there and and am there alot you know.

    I’m so glad you got care for the babies , despite the rotten treatment. I mean really, is it so flipping hard to be nice to people? And gosh darn it what happened to her in the space of a few hrs? no nap? ugh.

  7. It sucks that you had to go through that, people are rude all over the place.
    And, well, I’m totally a left wing whachadoodle, but…. I just want to say that this is the type of treatment that is acceptable when you’re dealing with the poor. They’re lucky to get vaccinated. It’s not McDonalds. Smiles aren’t free.

    If, in three years, the US healthcare system is halfway on it’s way to where the Canadian system is… You guys will see. Things will be better, not just for you, but across the board.
    I promise.

  8. How strange that they were so friendly in the morning and then had a complete personality switch. Wonder what they had for lunch? Glad you got what you went there for though – the vaccinations, it’s too bad it was such a hassle though.

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