52 Weeks to Toxin Free – The Power of Salt

For years we have been told how bad salt is for our bodies and in our diet, causing high blood pressure, heart attack and kidney stones. What we have not been told is how we can harness the power of salt in our lives aside from our diet. We have also been told about the wonderful relaxing power of salt in a bath with Epsom salt, but did you know you can use salt for so much more than a bath? Here are some fabulous non-toxic ways to incorporate more salt into your daily life. Continue reading “52 Weeks to Toxin Free – The Power of Salt”

Baldwin Men Moisturizing Lotion & Ladies too

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Several years back I recall busting my husband using my very expensive exfoliating body wash. I had invested in a quality brand with my aesthetician and he was using my little bottle of gold. How dare he! Personal care is no longer a taboo among men. Manicures, pedicures, visiting a stylist (not just a barber), and investing in quality styling and personal care products have become more mainstream with men. The Chad has taken to a daily moisturizer and exfoliating, he also appreciates a good beard balm and quality hair products. Our natural response when we were asked to check out a new men’s product was a resounding “yes.” Continue reading “Baldwin Men Moisturizing Lotion & Ladies too”

52 Weeks to Toxin Free – DIY Dandruff Shampoo

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Our oldest son has always had the most sensitive skin. As a baby he had horrible eczema that caused a great deal of discomfort. We tried every cream on the market until I found a natural, chemical free option. That was one of our first steps to removing harsh toxins in our home that were causing more harm than good. So we were not surprised when G started to experience a dry itchy scalp. We saw how his condition was starting to worsen and so I began researching a DIY dandruff shampoo that would not be loaded with chemicals or would further agitate his sensitive skin. Continue reading “52 Weeks to Toxin Free – DIY Dandruff Shampoo”

At Home Parvo Puppy Care

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My twins just turned nine this year and for their birthday The Chad and I thought we would surprise them with a puppy. We wanted to expand our family and our rescue dog needed a buddy too. Searching ads and listings and animal shelter postings, we found the perfect addition. A brindle pug puppy, a snorty, flat faced, bundle of joy. Having bulldogs in the past, we knew what to expect from a smoosh faced breed and were excited for our little addition. What we were not excited for nor planned, was the news that she had parvo. The previous owners never told us, we had to find out at her first vet visit when the vet thought she would die. During our vet visit, the doctor asked me what I was doing, I was doing holistic parvo puppy care the best I could at home and with my limited resources. I explained my methods and actions were what I would do with my kids if they had a severe gastrointestinal virus; plenty of fluids, essential oils and bland foods. Continue reading “At Home Parvo Puppy Care”

Summer Pup Care – Keeping Your Dog Happy and Healthy

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Summer Pup Care

This past weekend marked the official start of summer here in Phoenix. We are now well into the warm 100 degree weather which means we take extra precautions when dealing with the heat and with traveling with our fur family. Our dogs have to go outdoors so we are sure to have our summer pup care plan in place even when they have a dog door, and we are sure to check on their overall health during these warmer months. With being outdoors and warmer weather, that means travel for some families to escape the heat. Potential hazards arise with all these factors, dog owners should take extra precautions for summer pup care. Continue reading “Summer Pup Care – Keeping Your Dog Happy and Healthy”

52 Weeks to Toxin Free – Many Uses of Tea

many uses of tea, tea bags, tea for cleaning

For the last several years I have been on a journey to really clean up our family’s environment. Starting with our diet and then by eliminating as many harsh chemicals as possible in the various products we use. Who knew even something as simple as dyeing eggs could have harmful chemicals. So I began to look at some of the ordinary items in my home that I use as a healthy alternative that could also have other positive benefits that I never considered. With eliminating junk like sodas we switched to tea and I never knew of the many uses of tea and tea bags in and around our home. Continue reading “52 Weeks to Toxin Free – Many Uses of Tea”

Spring Beauty Products

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Spring Beauty Products

After a long harsh winter our skin may be in need of repair from the heat of our homes, the bitter cold, and overall day-to-day. Some of us may be doing some spring cleaning which may even include our beauty regimen or beauty products. For me, I wanted to find some products that are not only good for my skin, but good all around for the environment. Here are a few spring beauty products that I found and tried out for skin and hair. Continue reading “Spring Beauty Products”

Love Your Body with Aurorae Yoga

With the new year came new resolutions and or goals to take better care of ourselves. Working out, eating right, and trying to find the balance of all of these positive goals and plans. One of my goals was to be more loving on my body with gentleness. As a full time CrossFit athlete and mom I beat myself up A LOT not only in the gym but at home. Our gym began to see the trend as well. Continue reading “Love Your Body with Aurorae Yoga”