Saved by a Palm

No not that palm.
This Palm.

The Palm Pre Plus saved my life this week. Not literally in that it is not a secret defibrillator, though I am sure there is an app for that, but for the last week I have been terribly ill. I mean I was hacking a lung, running a fever of over 100 degrees, not pretty, all I wanted to do was sleep. The last thing I really wanted to do was fire up my computer and blog, check my email, send a tweet all while sitting in front of my laptop. I had no desire. But I knew I was receiving emails in my inbox, PTO, bills, blog giveaway entries and winners, I had to be able to read these emails, respond, and or forward important information.

Had I not had the capability of email on my Palm Pre Plus, had I not had the Synergy capability that syncs my emails, my calendars, my notes, everything I use on my laptop in Outlook I would be so behind. More so than I already am, but I am glad I was able to respond to my email recipients and read important emails with ease and without having to fire up my laptop. All while laying on my couch sulking in my misery of being sick. I know….rough life huh? In all seriousness the email capability is so seamless, streamlined and easy to access in the Palm Pre Plus.

Oh I also need to add that since the hubs works from home too I use Google talk to message him during the day. “What do you want for lunch?” “Dinner?” Or a quick may-day to tell him I am drowning with the twins. So while being sick, trying to maneuver to his office to tell him I need help or need something as close to impossible as well. The Palm Pre Plus has a messenger option too through SMS text and Google talk. I just logged in my Google account and VOILA! I can message right from my phone, again without firing up my laptop thus again making my life so much easier as a mom and a business woman.

*The Five Fish, Karie Herring, received a Palm Pre Plus on behalf of Verizon Wireless to review and share my experience with the phone. In no way has the review influenced my opinion of the product, my review is my opinion about the product.

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  1. Nice! My sister’s boyfriend just bought that phone and so far he worships the thing(although not as much as he worships my sister LOL).

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